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If you are on on this Accounting Job Search website chances are you are already in the Accounting Industry or Profession. Being in the Accounting Profession has a unique advantage of being in demand all the time. If you are a Qualified Accountant (CA - Chartered Accountabt / CPA - Certified Practising Accountant) , this gives you that extra edge in terms of job offers and higher salaries.

Generally Speaking there are two career options to choose from when entering the Accounting Profession - Commercial or Public. Public accounting is basically working for a CPA Firm or CA Firm. On a broad scale public accountants provide Taxation, Auditing, Bookkeeping and Business Consulting. Typical positions available within a public practive would be trainee accountant, junior accountant, graduate accountant, senior accountant. The Commercial side of the accounting profession is basically working for an organisation and you are part of their accounts department. In general the positions available would be Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Payroll etc these roles become more specialised the bigger the organisation you work for.


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